Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Picking Up Pipe

One of the wonderful parts of farming is irrigation!  We had a VERY dry summer and if it wasn't for irrigation in Central Nebraska, we would not have had a crop this year. In the early summer we set out pipe for irrigating the crops and in the fall, we pick up the pipe and stack it to one side of the field until next year. I am now in charge of driving the pickup with the pipe trailer while my husband and youngest did the labor!

Only found one skunk hiding in the pipe! Phew! We picked up 5 loads and still have one left before we are done. The rest of the fields have center pivots on them that irrigate from "sprinklers".
It was another beautful, fall day. I was glad I took my camera with me :)
After the pipe was all picked up, I snapped a few photos of the beautiful trees.
I love fall in Nebraska, God's glory at its finest! Thank you for stopping by!  I will have a card to post for you to see tomorrow!
Gail S.


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