Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have a relative that lives is town and he is moving to California this spring.  He has been cleaning, sorting and packing up his house and the other day he shared these photos of some of my relatives!  The above photo is not dated and has no names written on the back.  So many times this happens.  We need to remember to write first and last names and date out photos so that others, many years from now, people will be able to know who these people are and when the photo was taken. So many times I have been to auctions and they are selling old photos of people and no one knows who they are pictures of.

The relative (my father's cousin) thinks that this photo is "John Grint's" mother and father.  It was taken in England in the 1800's. 

Below, is a picture of John Grint.  Doesn't he look happy?  I have always heard that in old photos, people were never smiling because it took so long for the photo to develop that they got so tired of standing there! He looks like he is telling the photographer, "Hurry up and get this done!" 

My Dad's cousin brought the photos to where I work and I had brought my camera and I actually photgraphed the photos.  I was pretty happy how they turned out.  I think I can go to one of those photo machines and crop it so only the photo shows. 

I would love to get more information about these people.  Does anyone know some good websites that help you get more information?

I have always thought it would be fun to go back in time - just for a short time - and see what it was like way back when.  I have always been a fan of movies like Somewhere In Time, Kate & Leopold, even Back To The Future!! 

If I find any more information, or he brings in more photos, I will share them!!

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Abbey said...

Maybe you can get on "Who do you think you are?"....you have a blog, so your practically famous! :)