Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Calves - The twins!

Well, these are the twins!  The first two born this year.  Aren't the cute?  When they are first born, they are so darn soft and curious.  See Mama in the background keeping an eye on them (and keeping an eye on me peeking through the gate)!  Both babies are little heifers (girls).  What should we name them?  I usually name the babies that become "bucket calves". 

We have been helping Mama by giving them a bottle of milk replacer in the morning and evening.
Bent over giving them their bottles are my husband, John and my youngest son, Jeff.  The calves are still adjusting how to suck from a bottle and it takes a little coaxing but they are getting the hang of it.

This is our Border Collie, Buddy.  He is a real good cattle dog......when he stays home.  He likes to go visit the neighbors and stays there until we come looking for him.  We tie him up a few days, let him go and he sticks around for awhile and then goes visiting again.  He is giving me that look that says, "I'm a good dog....really I am".

Leave me comment, what I should name the twins!!


Anonymous said...

I thought we already came up with names??????

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I love it when the babies are born in the spring. i can't wait til we get our baby chicks. No calves here yet.

Daisy and Maisy