Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where Oh Where is Summer Going???

First of all, I apologise for ignoring this blog for sooooo long!!  I cannot believe that it has been since APRIL that I have written or made anything and posted it. I have made cards and some items, I have taken photos of them, I just have not had the time to get on the computer and post them.

Since April, my oldest son got MARRIED!!!  Yay! So, so happy for them both. My daughter moved from one house to another still in Aurora, CO and we went out there and helped with the move. My only granddaughter turned ONE!!  Cannot believe that she is one already (big smile). I spent a week visiting with the family during that time. 

I am also trying to take better care of myself. I have really let myself go (weight wise) and I need to get back on board and get some weight off so I am focusing more on better eating habits, exercising more and drinking lots of water.  Anyone have some great tips out there?

Any way, sorry you haven't heard from me - I am still out here and I will try to get back in the craft room again hopefully soon!

Til then -

Gail S.

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