Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Birthday Surprise!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and are having a good weekend!

My birthday is Monday and my sweet daughter sent me a package in the mail!  I am one who waits until my birthday to open presents (even when they arrive early) but my daughter isn't.  She tracked the package and called just before they delivered it to my doorstep!  When they delivered it, she wanted me to open it right a way.  Sooooo....with her on the phone I opened it and this is what she sent me:

Yep - I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!  (Insert BIG Happy Smile)  I was so happy, I started crying.  So happy for her and Bart, they will make great parents.  Expecting date is around the 4th of July.  
The frame she sent is beautiful and the sentiment is so sweet.

She also sent me a camera for the computer to we can keep in touch AND she each other (love modern technology!!)  I was real happy with this years birthday surprise! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Gail S.


Bridget said...

WooHoo! Congratulations Gail!

Vicki C said...

OH MY GOODNESS! How exciting! Congrats! What a FUN birthday present!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

WOOHOOO!!! congratulations!!