Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy "Mumday"!

I saw these great Halloween treats online and decided to try them out.  What do you think??

They are made from a rice crispie treat, white chocolate melts and mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  I think they are cute and real easy to make.

Each mummy is unique!  It took no time at all before I had a whole bunch of the little devils (oops mummies!!)

I hope you have a great day today!  Hard to believe that October has flown by and November is just around the corner!  Take some time to enjoy today - and Happy "Mumday"

Gail S.


Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

these are adorable! I was planning on making caramel apples yesterday, then we went to the movie, got home and mom called that my niece was playing at their church so went in to that.

did you see 70* today and 70% chance of snow Tues! Enjoy today!!

Carol Carriveau said...

Darling and now I'm hungry for Rice Krispie goodies...!

kay said...

These rice krispie treats are just the best. They're my favorite! Everytime I had to make them as a party favor, I end up eating them..hahaha... anyway, thanks for leaving a comment in my blog too :)Hugs, Kay!

Bridget said...

How cute!!! I just love to make stuff like that! TFS! Any ideas on how to make something like that for Thanksgiving?

Vicki C said...