Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snowy Days in Nebraska!

When it snows in Nebraska, more than likely, the wind is going to blow also!  It snowed in mid-February and we actually got no wind!  The snow fell so beautifully.  I went outside and snapped a few photos around our neck of the woods.  While outside it was so peaceful and quiet.

This first picture is the front of our house.  You can see the snow lying on the railing of our deck.  I like this picture of our house.  We built on the top portion a year ago and we really enjoy it.

This is a picture of our first
calf heifers that are just north of our house.  We keep them close by so we can keep an eye on them as they are due to have babies anytime now!  I love how the picture looks like lots of black and white except the brown on the hay.  Below is a picture of an old truck that is north of our house.

And last is a picture of a sign we have in the front of our house.  You can see old insulators off of electric/telphone lines and how the snow has piled up on top of them.  A couple of old cream cans. 
Today, the snow is all gone but that doesn't mean that we won't get anymore this year.  Nebraska is well known to get storms through April.  Hope your day isn't snowy - but a beautiful one!


Abbey said...

I love the photo of the old truck. It looks like something you would see in a store!

Pam Speidel said...

Hello Gail! I'm so happy you've finally decided to join the blogger world! :) You're off to a terrific start with these beautiful photos!
I received a wonderful surprise in the mail today...thank you SO much! Did you take photos of the cards to post on your blog? Hope so! I love what you did with the doilies...both such lovely creations! ♥ Also can't wait to play with the cute little embellishments. :) Thanks again! It made my day! Smiles, Pam

Gail S. said...
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