Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today is my Mom and Dad's Anniversary!!  They have been married 55 years!!  This picture was taken at Green Valley Lake, California when they just got engaged.

I love this picture!!  Notice my mom has moccasins on! (my hubby calls them teepee creepers) They are back in fashion now!  I have so many great memories of Green Valley Lake and this photo takes me back to those "good old days".  When we were kids my folks bought a cabin up there and we would spend weekends up there.  Such good times!
This next photo was taken at their 50th wedding anniversary down in Arizona.

Tonight we plan on all going out to eat to celebrate! I am thankful that we get to do that.

Love you Mom and Dad!

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Vicki C said...

Oh.. how cute is that?? Darling! Love the that darling old photo of your parents... total sweetness! Congrats to them!