Sunday, September 25, 2011

Junk Jaunt in Central Nebraska!

Junk Jaunt is in full swing in Central Nebraska!  The fun began on Friday and goes through Sunday (actually, some sites opened Thursday and earlier!)

Junk Jaunt started several years ago and it is about 300 miles of garage sales, antique sales, junk sales. People from all over invade central Nebraska and take home treasures.  I have seen cars from Colorado, Iowa, Kansas Missouri and even California go by our home. Most have trailers behind them hauling their treasures with them.

Our little town of 600 people is bursting at the seams with "jaunters" and there are stops on about every corner of town.  A new antique store just opened in town called "The Butter Factory" and it is good to see LOTS of people checking them out.

I made just a few purchases on the jaunt.  I honestly need to get rid of some things and don't need to bring home more :). 

I got this really cheap!  It is an old mop bucket and I want to use it as a planter.  I thought next year, I would plant it full of petunias that will spill over the sides but for now I added some mums and a couple of scarecrows for fall.

I am usually not one of those people that can see an item for something other that was is supposed to be used for. Normally, I would just see this as an old mop bucket but somehow I thought I could see planter instead of bucket!  This purchase is going in my craft room:

It is an old meat cutters paper holder.  I just thought it would look great in my room :) The paper is old in it and it would be fun to find a big roll of Christmas paper and I could just tear off what I would need to wrap gifts.

This is the patent label on the top of the cutter:

I Googled the E. O. Bulman Company and they are still in business, selling to deparment stores, schools etc. and you can purchase paper to fit their holders!

If you are ever interested in learning more about the Junk Jaunt click HERE and you can learn more.  Believe me, it is a lot of fun!!

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Pam Speidel said...

Hi Gail! sure wish i could have joined you on the jaunt!! Love your new found treasures! The weather was perfect too. Needed to catch up around here after being gone for a week to see my precious grandbaby. She's such a perfect little angel and I miss her so much already.
Will you be putting in a SU order anytime soon? I need a few things again. :)

Vicki C said...

How Awesome! I'm SO going next year!