Monday, August 8, 2011

Fair Time in Nebraska!

It is always fun to go to the county fair!  Lots of people, excited little kids, candy and S-U-N!!  It was pretty hot during the parade that kicked off the fair and one float even handed out bottles of cold water to the crowd!  A welcome treat!

I don't know who this little girl is but she was with her Daddy and she was so excited for the parade to begin!  She was clapping her hands when she heard the band!  She is so cute!! Notice her ice cream bucket on the ground to hold her candy!

The Legion carrying the flag, the High School band and the Freedom Riders started the parade then the floats,
and the horses,
and the candy

Even the moms and dads helped pick up the candy!  The parade lasted an hour and 20 minutes.  They said it was the biggest one yet.  The kids really liked the big fire engines when they blew the sirens and shot water from the hoses.  There was even a Thomas the Train (really cute).

Our small community of Sargent enters a booth every year and this year we had enough items entered to fill both sides of part of the exhibit hall!
Canned goods, home grown veggies, quilts, scrapbooks, cards (!), woodworking, needlework, just about any craft you can think of was featured!

Our town of about 600 people earned $1,600.00 in premium money that will go back into our community towards worthwhile projects!  Great job Sargent!!!

Thanks for visiting - Gail

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