Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Burning in the Sandhills!

This past weekend by husband, sons and "few" neighbors gathered to burn the pastures we use in the summer time for our cattle.  We live in the Sandhills of Nebraska and many years ago homesteaders planted cedar trees because there was no trees in this area.  Well, over time the cedars have gotten way out of hand and we now need to control them or they are going to take over all of the pastures, leaving nothing for the cattle to graze on.  Therefore, we do cut down the cedars and burn them.  Believe me - there a still plenty of cedar trees left!

The guys all use 4 wheelers to get around the canyons and they have water tanks all on the backs of them.  The guys do alot of prep work before the actual burn happens, disking around the area, back burns and checking out to make sure the weather and wind is just right!

This is a shot of the smokey canyon after it has burned and is dying down.

After the burn comes my job....feeding everyone! 

They all gather for food and talk over how the burn went and where they are going to burn next!

This burn we had some neighbors that helped that had never burned before.

The burn was a success and soon the farmers will be getting out in the fields and start planting!

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Bridget said...

That is so great, the way you all work together! There is nothing better, than having or being a great neighbor!