Saturday, July 30, 2011

Abbey's Quilt!

While my daughter Abbey was home for a week, she decieded that she wanted to learn how to make a jean quilt to keep in her car for ball games, picnics etc.  She wanted it big enough to wrap up in but small enough to be folded up in her car.  Soooooo we gathered up some old jeans that were not wearable anymore and got to cutting and sewing.  This is the result:

As you can see, we used jeans that were dark, faded and patched.  She tied each corner with yarn to hold the batting together.  Here is a picture showing a part of the backing she picked out:

She picked out a striped pastel flannel.  It is so soft and very pretty!  It really turned out cute and she plans on making another one on her own.

This is a picture of Abbey with her puppy, Paxton.

The county fair starts tonight with the parade.  It will be a busy week for all the exhibitors and 4-H/FFA kids showing thier animals.  Our kids were 4-H members while growing up and now they are all grown up and done with that.  I remember this coming week being so awful busy but some of the best memories. I will try to get some pictures of the fair and post them.  It is always a fun time!

Hope your weekend is going good.  I will have two more quilts to show in the weeks ahead to stay tuned :) 



Pam Speidel said...

Hi Gail! Let's see if I can post a comment now. Love the quilt photos and your daughter Abbey is so pretty like her mom. Paxton is one BIG dog...and so cute!
I've never made a jean quilt but I've wanted to try. I'll start saving some of our old jeans and you can give me some tips, ok?
Enjoy the fair and have a great weekend! Smiles, Pam :)

Pam Speidel said...

It worked! just like that! ;)

Gail S. said...

Yeah!!! Thanks Pam for being my helper :)